Keep using Exchange Online with basic authentication. accepts your basic authentication login requests and performs modern authentication with Exchange Online in the background.
IMAP commands between your email clients and Exchange Online are proxied through Find more details in our docs.

Pricing after a 14 days free trial:

Mailbox Monthly price per mailbox
1 to 5 $7
6 and above $5

Do you want to access a large number of mailboxes or do you want to run your personal instances of the proxy? Get in contact with us. overview

How to get up & running

1) App registration

Grant the application authorization to access specific mailboxes within your Microsoft tenant.

2) configuration

Add the mailboxes you wish to proxy and set the credentials that can be used by your email clients.

3) Email clients configuration

Configure your email clients to connect to instead of Exchange Online using IMAP(S).

Read the docs for the details on how to configure